Independent Video Makers – IMI Magazine conducts a Q&A with our founder – Ben Smith

Our Founder Ben Smith talks to Tim Kiek at the IMI Magazine about the benefits of personalised customer videos for service garages and car dealers.

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The Benefits of SMS Communication in the Automotive Industry

The independent automotive industry communicates with a significant number of new customers day to day as well as having to keep existing customers informed.  Service garages and car dealerships are under more pressure than ever to enhance customer satisfaction and make the sales and service process more efficient.  So, the question is [...]

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Smart Garage Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership to Help Future Proof Independent Automotive Industry

Yorkshire-based Smart Garage Solutions, a provider of software and equipment that allow independent garages to create, review and send HD quality personalised customer videos, has signed up as a Strategic Partner of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF). Formed in 1930, the IAAF is the only trade association that lobbies on behalf of [...]

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The Road to Trust for Used Car Dealers

Trust has always been a crucial factor for businesses. The last 12 months has seen a 2% rise in trust amongst UK consumers in business, government and media, however trust in the automotive industry has fallen significantly – over 6% globally. Trust in the used car industry makes for even worse reading! [...]

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Our Week in the Spotlight

It’s been a busy week at Smart Garage Solutions HQ with a number of exciting developments taking place. On Monday, we announced the launch of our ‘My Sales Trust’ product, which allows independent car dealers across the UK to show off the key features and condition of a vehicle, extend their geographical [...]

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Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Personalisation

Times have changed, gone are the days of mass non-personalised marketing campaigns.  Every business now wants its customers to feel special and is willing to do what it takes to achieve this.  Statistics show that 44% of companies now see the customer experience as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition [...]

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By Clare Burnett - Deputy Editor, Yorkshire 7th September 2016 "WE'RE a small company looking to challenge the big boys," said Ben Smith, founder of Smart Garage Solutions, which aims to bring transparency to the automotive industries through innovative technology. Mr Smith (pictured below) had worked at a media company for several years [...]

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Smart Garage Solutions Launch ‘My Sales Trust’ Product Aimed At Car Dealers

An innovative software solution has been launched to help independent car dealers increase sales and enhance their brand presence in what are testing times for the automotive industry. The ‘My Sales Trust’ product has been developed by Yorkshire-based Smart Garage Solutions, a provider of software and equipment that allow independent car dealers across [...]

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The Importance of Creating a Positive Customer Experience

Do you ever step outside of your business and look through your customers’ eyes, asking yourself: does my garage stand out? Do I offer something the local competition doesn’t that means they keep coming back? If so, how do you convey that message to your existing customers or indeed potential new ones? [...]

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Using Video to Build Customer Trust

Experts at Smart Garage Solutions believe now is the time for independent garages to consider personalised customer videos as a way of winning over the trust and loyalty of their customers.   From manufacturing processes to consumer interactions, the automotive industry is riding the digital highway.  Digital innovation is directly impacting relationships, [...]

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