Times have changed, gone are the days of mass non-personalised marketing campaigns.  Every business now wants its customers to feel special and is willing to do what it takes to achieve this.  Statistics show that 44% of companies now see the customer experience as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition and as a result businesses are turning to personalisation to achieve this.

So what can personalisation do for your business?  Back before the digital age, people bought from their local shopkeeper, who knew their name, the products they bought and the latest events in their life.  However, in the digital age, the ‘shopkeeper’ is not always around so businesses need to look at other ways in which they can engage with their customers on a personal level or risk being left behind.

There are many examples of personalisation, from larger companies including the recipient’s name on a piece of direct mail, to companies such as Starbucks running the ‘tell us your name’ campaign, adding the customer’s name to their coffee cup.  Each method is an attempt to make the customer feel special, unique and valued.

A more recent technique in the marketing world is personalised product videos.  Research shows that customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video of it, this further increases when the video is personalised specifically to them. Sending personalised videos is a great way to enable the sales person to engage with the potential customer and quickly form a relationship, whilst showcasing the key features and benefits of the product in great detail.

As with all personalisation, this shows the customer that the business has gone the extra mile, taking their individual needs and expectations into consideration. As the retail environment continues to get more competitive, businesses need to look at more ways in which they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and personalisation is a great way of achieving this.

It is proven that businesses which use a personalisation strategy report an average increase in sales of 19%.  We urge businesses to embrace personalisation before it’s too late!