Smart Garage Solutions is looking for sales agents with experience and connections within the automotive industry. Your role is to generate sales leads and opportunities for both our My Sales Trust and My Service Trust products.

Smart Garage Solutions provide car dealers and garages with the software and equipment to create, review and send personalised customer videos.

We offer two solutions;

  • My Sales Trust enables car dealers to create personalised customer videos; building better relationships and driving customers to their forecourt resulting in increased car sales.
  • My Service Trust enables garage technicians to create personalised customer videos; establishing transparency and trust on all car services and repairs.

Sales agents will work on a commission basis per lead generated that results in a sign up (after the initial 30-day Free trial) onto either of our products.

Sales agents will contact the garages on our behalf to gauge initial interest and then pass on any warm leads. You will not be required to attend meetings with the interested garage or dealer – Smart Garage Solutions will do this. We only require an introduction and name/contact details of the interested person you have spoken to.

We have a range of incentives and bonuses for successful agents as well as future full-time work opportunities.

If you work within the automotive industry and have good relationships with independent car dealers and garages then we would love to hear from you!

Please email us: and let us know why you would be a valuable asset to our growing team.

Thank you

Smart Garage Solutions Team.