1909, 2016

    The Road to Trust for Used Car Dealers

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    Trust has always been a crucial factor for businesses. The last 12 months has seen a 2% rise in trust amongst UK consumers in business, government and media, however trust in the [...]

    1009, 2016

    Our Week in the Spotlight

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    It’s been a busy week at Smart Garage Solutions HQ with a number of exciting developments taking place. On Monday, we announced the launch of our ‘My Sales Trust’ product, which allows [...]

    1009, 2016

    Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Personalisation

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    Times have changed, gone are the days of mass non-personalised marketing campaigns.  Every business now wants its customers to feel special and is willing to do what it takes to achieve this. [...]

    709, 2016

    TheBusinessDesk.com Startup spotlight: Entrepreneurs giving independent garages the upper hand

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    By Clare Burnett - Deputy Editor, Yorkshire 7th September 2016 "WE'RE a small company looking to challenge the big boys," said Ben Smith, founder of Smart Garage Solutions, which aims to bring transparency [...]