My Sales Trust

My Sales Trust enables you to create personalised customer walkaround videos; building better relationships with customers, driving them to the forecourt, and ultimately selling cars quicker!

Our iOS App enables dealers to quickly and easily use your own device to create, send and track branded customer videos. No editing, simply record and send in a matter of minutes. Our monthly subscription costs just £99 per month (cancel at any time) and gives you full access to the dealer dashboard and all its tracking features.

My Sales Trust enables you to:

  • Convert more qualified leads into sales
  • Leave a lasting first impression and drive more customers to your forecourt
  • Create personal relationships and trust between you and your customers
  • Present your customers with a detailed and visual description of their new car
  • Take your customer service to the next level, helping you stand out from the crowd

Here’s what garages have to say…

“My Sales Trust has helped us enhance our customer engagement.  The videos enable customers to see detailed features of their potential new car and why it’s the right choice for them. It enables us to create a lasting first impression and build a personal relationship with the customer – giving them the trust, confidence and comfort to buy.  Sales and customer satisfaction scores have risen dramatically.”

Mark John – Director, Pennine Autos

Here’s what you get


Use your own iPhone, iPod or iPad to create your personalised customer videos


Or purchase our Sign Up Kit; 32GB Apple iPod Touch and charger, protective case and handheld grip

Garage App

Our intuitive App is designed to work on an Apple iPhone or iPod and creates high quality video

Garage App

The Garage App connects to your garage WiFi to upload the videos to the Dashboard

Garage Dashboard

Store current vehicle stock, add sales staff, review videos and mark cars as sold

Garage Dashboard

You also receive customer callback notifications as well as being able to monitor sales staff productivity and results

Customer Journey

The customer receives both a SMS text message and an Email with the link to the video

Customer Journey

As soon as the customer opens the link or requests a Callback you are notified in the Garage Dashboard

Simple 3-step process to create, send and track

FREE 14-day no-obligation trial

Why not try our FREE 14-day no-obligation trial of My Sales Trust on your own device?

The FREE 14-day no-obligation trial gives you full access to all features of the Garage Dashboard and App. This will allow you to send 200 videos over the 14 days via text and email in response to any enquiry, which link to a responsive customer branded landing page. You can also quickly add your car stock using inclusive VRM lookups.


The benefit of personalised customer videos…

“The use of personalised videos in the automotive industry is on the rise and this trend is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.  We set out to create a level playing field, giving independent dealers the opportunity to take advantage of personalised customer videos, at an affordable price.

It is said that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words and as a result more than half of all car buyers now watch at least 30 minutes of video during the buying process.  Video promotes positivity, trust and confidence and its successful use will set independent car dealers apart in what is a highly competitive industry.

Through My Sales Trust, every video the dealer creates is unique, puts the customer at the centre of attention and makes them feel special and informed at every stage of the buying process.  This is how savvy customers now expect to be communicated to.”

Ben Smith, Founder of Smart Garage Solutions

Key Benefits of My Sales Trust:

Trust – The service creates the feeling of trust between the car dealer and the customer

Honesty – By using this service, the sales person is demonstrating a clear sense of honesty in the condition of the vehicle to the customer

Openness – With the use of HD video content there really is nowhere to hide and a truthful overview of the vehicle will always be achieved. This is a refreshing approach for many customers and also helps avoid any confrontations over the actual condition of a car

Introduction – The use of video allows the sales person to introduce themselves to the customer, so when they visit your dealership to view the car, a rapport has already been built and you will know they are genuinely interested in buying the car

Bespoke/Personal – Every video presentation is unique and addressed to the individual customers requests, so a bespoke approach to every video is guaranteed, making the recipient feel special and well informed

Builds Relations – The videos allow you to add your own personality to the film and you will be addressing the customer by name directly on the video, making them feel special. When the customer does walk into your showroom to view the car in person, they will feel they already know you and therefore have more confidence in dealing with you

Conversions – By clearly showing your customers the vehicle condition and features through a personalised video when they walk into your showroom or forecourt, they are far more likely to buy the vehicle as they are clearly very interested

Driving customers to your forecourt – On average a consumer will visit just 1.6 car dealers to purchase their next car. A personalised customer video will significantly increase the chances of a customer visiting your forecourt over any competition.

Retention & Referrals – By using this service you will instill a real sense of trust and honesty to your customers. They are then far more likely to return in the future and in turn far more likely to refer you to their friends and relatives

Competitive Edge – A garage can use this service as a unique selling point to any prospects, showing once again that they have nothing to hide and can be trusted over the competition

Proactive – Once your customer has viewed the video you will be sent a notification, prompting you to contact them to book in a personal viewing

Increase your customer reach – After viewing a personalised video of a car on sale, customers will travel up to 50% further to view the car in person, expanding your business footprint

Appeals to current lifestyle/cultural change – We all now live in a digital era, where smartphone technology, 4G networks and superfast broadband are part of daily life and culture. People expect to be communicated to using technology, anytime and anywhere. My Sales Trust is just another example of how that technology is being utilised in the automotive industry

Speed & Efficiency – By sending a personalised video straight to your customer you will save on the amount of time spent haggling and discussing the cars condition and features in person. You can send multiple videos every day and often these customers may not have taken the time to visit your showroom without the preview

Dynamic – This technology and intuitive software creates a seamless and dynamic link directly between your garage and your customers. The feedback you give is instant and response from your customers will be greatly improved and in a positive way

Legitimacy of condition – Typically a customer will ask about the condition of a vehicle over the phone, this is open for interpretation and as a picture speaks only a thousand words, a video speaks millions! The use of a video shows the customer the true condition of a vehicle and gives them confidence to come and view in person

Visualise/Clarity – The advantage of a video is that it offers clarity and helps the customer easily visualise the condition of the vehicle, a clear benefit over a telephone call

Confidence – After watching a personalised video of your vehicle(s) a customer has been personally introduced to you, seen the overall condition of the car they have enquired about and also had an insight into the business you run, giving them extra confidence to make a personal visit to view the car

Assurance/can show to peers – Because of the way that the personalised videos are produced; customers can share the video with their friends and relatives for their opinion, giving them assurance that the car is a good buy

Reliance – Your customers will know that they can rely upon you to give them good honest information of the true condition and features of any vehicle

Affordable – By offering a flexible package (payable over 12 monthly installments), the My Sales Trust solution is suitable for car dealers of all sizes! We also offer discounts when signing up for 24 or 36 months and paying up-front – Please call to discuss!

Convenient – The system is easy and convenient for both you as a car dealer and your sales staff to use and for your customers to access