Benefits of Personalised Customer Video Presentations

There are many benefits to sending a personalised customer walk around video presentation.

Below are a few testimonials from some of our customers explaining the benefits that they see and why you should consider adding personalised customer videos to your sales toolkit.

Why send Personalised Customer Videos

“Makes a huge difference to the customers’ confidence in me, as a dealer, but also in the vehicle as well”

Generic vs Personalised Customer Videos

“I’ve got the tracking ability and it’s all very slick and professional and really shows the company in a good light, but it also involves the customer more too”

Benefits of sending Personalised Customer Videos

“So far, everybody I have sent a video to has bought the car… it’s a 100% success rate!”

How Video can Open up Your Geographic Reach

“It speeds the whole process up… the cars are selling faster because I am selling to more people now, that’s the difference!”

Meeting the Change in Customer Expectations and Demands

“More and more (independents) are getting switched on to it, video makes a huge difference… certainly not a fad, it’s becoming part and parcel of the customer expectation and sales process”

How Easy is My Sales Trust to use?

“From first speaking to the customer to then following up knowing they have watched the video can be 15 minutes… It’s so fast, so easy to use – very slick. If I can use it anybody can use it!”

How to Promote the Service to Customers

“It’s part of my Auto Trader advert… ‘Request a video of the vehicle’ and I’ve had a massive response from it!”

Is My Sales Trust Good Value for Money?

“You’re going to have to have video in your tool kit, but why wouldn’t you want it? For what it costs you’ve just got to have it!”

Here’s what garages have to say…

“For the investment it’s a no brainer. Making a great first impression by using the ‘My Sales Trust’ app has had a positive impact on my business. I’m able to provide a ‘personal’ walk around video presentation and send it via SMS text and email in a matter of minutes. Since adding the app I’ve seen an increase in customer engagement, in the number of telephone call backs, appointments and cars sold.”

Phil Weaver – Director, Phil Weaver Automotive

“My Sales Trust has helped us enhance our customer engagement.  The videos enable customers to see detailed features of their potential new car and why it’s the right choice for them. It enables us to create a lasting first impression and build a personal relationship with the customer – giving them the trust, confidence and comfort to buy.  Sales and customer satisfaction scores have risen dramatically.”

Mark John – Director, Pennine Autos

“The day I started my 14 day free trial of My Sales Trust I sent a customer video. That customer came over the very same day and bought the car! My Sales Trust is a no-brainer for any independent Motor Dealer!”

Matt O’Connor – Director, Peter Michael Motors

FREE 14-day no-obligation trial

Why not try our FREE 14-day no-obligation trial of My Sales Trust on your own device?

The FREE 14-day no-obligation trial gives you full access to all features of the Garage Dashboard and App. This will allow you to send 200 videos over the 14 days via text and email in response to any enquiry, which link to a responsive customer branded landing page. You can also quickly add your car stock using inclusive VRM lookups.