Video Assistant Referee System (VAR) made its long awaited debut on the world’s elite stage in the last month as it was used in every single game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Although it’s usage has clearly split opinion from football pundits and fans alike across the globe, what can’t be denied is that the use of video technology and evidence capture in the tournament has on the whole led to a number of incorrect decisions being overruled.  It’s important to note that VAR isn’t about making the game 100 per cent perfect, it is to address and reduce clear and obvious errors.  According to statistics, VAR was used on 33 occasions to influence a decision with a viewer success ratio of around 7.8 out of 10.  FIFA itself has declared the use of VAR at the World Cup a success.

A number of sports (in particular Rugby, Cricket and Tennis) have been using video technology for some time now to support officials and provide complete transparency and evidence of the influencing factors behind key decisions during play which can have a significant impact on the outcome of the match.  Away from sport, we are also seeing more and more industries take advantage of the latest video technology to assist their transparent communication and sales strategies.

This all points towards the increasing influence that video is playing in our daily lives (whether that be at home, work or on the move) to help understand, influence and persuade.  Statistics from YouTube show that over 70% of us are influenced by video when it comes to decision making.  We are all clearly visual people and with the next generation growing up online and depending on the likes of YouTube, Social Media, Smart Phone technology etc, the influence of video will only continue to rise.

The motor trade has only really adopted video in the last few years and even that is mainly at franchise dealer level.  Video penetration amongst independents is around 10-15% of the market presenting a significant opportunity to stand out and appeal to the tech savvy customer who demands trust, transparency and convenience – all of which are key benefits of personalised customer videos.

In the next couple of years video will go from being an unexpected added value to an expectation and key requirement from customers when it comes to service repairs and the car sales process.  Now is the time to adapt and innovate to ensure garages and dealers are fit for the future and can service the new consumer.

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