Read our testimonials to find out what car dealers and service garages are saying about My Service Trust and My Sales Trust. See how our customers are benefitting from personalised customer videos.

My Sales Trust Testimonials

“My Sales Trust has helped us enhance our customer engagement.  The videos enable customers to see detailed features of their potential new car and why it’s the right choice for them. It enables us to create a lasting first impression and build a personal relationship with the customer – giving them the trust, confidence and comfort to buy.  Sales and customer satisfaction scores have risen dramatically.”
Mark John, Pennine Autos, Bradford – October 2016

My Service Trust Testimonials

Feedback from the trials of My Service Trust has been fantastic! Customers report back that they really appreciate the video, as it has helped them understand an issue with their car, making it much quicker and easier to authorise any urgent or advisory repair work.”
Duncan Davidson, Dingbro, Scotland – January 2017

“We find these videos a great way to build trust with our customers, whilst making us look very professional & helping us to stand out from the rest. Getting authorisation for additional work is almost guaranteed, because our customers can see first hand just how worn, broken or dangerous an item attached to their very own vehicle actually is!”
Robert Brownlie, Ace Motoring Services, Fife – January 2017

“My Service Trust has enhanced our customer service. Using video to show customers what we are doing without them physically being under the car, gives them a better perception and understanding. The feedback has been fantastic!”
Russ Stanley, Revolution Porsche, Brighouse – November 2016

My Service Trust – Garage testimonial

My Service Trust – Customer testimonial


My Sales Trust enables you to create personalised customer videos; building better relationships to help sell more cars

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My Service Trust enables you to create personalised customer videos; establishing transparency and trust on all car services and repairs

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