Do you ever step outside of your business and look through your customers’ eyes, asking yourself: does my garage stand out? Do I offer something the local competition doesn’t that means they keep coming back? If so, how do you convey that message to your existing customers or indeed potential new ones?

Today’s time poor, consumerism rich customers want the personal touch but on their terms and when it is most convenient to them. It is this customer centric approach that can truly determine the long term success or failure of your garage! The more personal the approach, the greater the chance of a positive experience.

The term ‘customer centric’ means simply; creating a positive experience both at the point of sale and the after sale! It is here that you can add value to your business, drive profitability, differentiate yourself in the market and truly stand out from the competition.

Yes servicing and repairing cars is the core of your business, but customer satisfaction is what truly drives your business forward, creating loyalty and keeping customers coming back. Recent polls have identified that price isn’t always the key motivator when it comes to servicing your car; it’s the quality of the customer service you receive that counts the most.

Customer centricity is all about making your customers feel special and valued. It costs on average five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, so it really is worth gaining the trust of those you already have on your books! It’s all too easy to get bogged down in your busy workload and not fully appreciate the reasons why that customer has walked through your door or continues to come back the next time their service or MOT is due.

Customers want to feel that they are being dealt with fairly and honestly, they need to feel assured that you aren’t going to rip them off and that the work you have quoted for is legitimate. By taking the time to help explain why something needs to be replaced from a road safety or long-term cost perspective, shows transparency and that you have their best interests and wellbeing at heart. Important factors in gaining their trust and loyalty!

A happy customer will usually return, but a happy customer that not only trusts you but feels valued and special at the same time, will return time and time again! It is likely they will also share their positive experience with friends and family, encouraging them to visit your garage and further drive your profitability!

Think about how you communicate with your customers from the moment they first make contact with you, to them dropping their car off at your garage, to you identifying any urgent or advisory works that need attention. How do you evidence such works and their importance without baffling an often non-technical customer about the mechanics of their own car?

However you chose to do it, make sure that it’s transparent, honest and easy for them to understand, not cluttering it up with industry jargon and opaque responses.

It’s proven that customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable compared to companies that are not focused on the customer…can you afford to lose focus?