Experts at Smart Garage Solutions believe now is the time for independent garages to consider personalised customer videos as a way of winning over the trust and loyalty of their customers.  

From manufacturing processes to consumer interactions, the automotive industry is riding the digital highway.  Digital innovation is directly impacting relationships, influencing how customers perceive and ultimately choose which garage to put their trust in.

In an environment where trust is a key issue and driver of brand value, building enhanced customer experience has become a pathway to helping garages generate long-term relationships and increase sales.

Industry studies show that high expectations for good quality customer service will not change anytime soon, with recent reports suggesting that customer experience will overtake price and product as the top business differentiator for the automotive industry by 2020.

Video is just one digital tool garages are using to take advantage of this trend, establishing transparency and trust with their customers at the same time.  Franchised dealers have been quick off the mark to blend personalised customer videos into the vehicle purchase and after sales cycle in order to remain competitive and justify their price premium.

Customers are actively demanding video as a way of engaging with garages and this is likely to continue in the years to come.  For example, 70% of car buyers who use YouTube to research are influenced by video content and in response 2015 saw a significant increase in the number of videos created by garages.  These videos are primarily used to visually showcase the key features of a car for sale or to highlight any urgent or advisory works that need carrying out following a car service or MOT.

Through our ‘My Sales Trust’ and ‘My Service Trust’ solutions, personalised customer videos are now available to independent garages at an affordable price.

Just a selection of the key benefits they provide to garages including;

  • Increasing trust and loyalty by building personal relationships that drive retention and satisfaction
  • Engaging and inspiring customers with HD quality videos that influence them to purchase/approve sooner
  • Maintaining the customers attention with content that matters to them
  • Fuelling ROI by boosting acquisition and driving retention with innovative customer interactions

To understand how personalised customer videos can enhance your customer service and to trial our innovative solutions, contact us on