What We Do

Smart Garage Solutions provide car dealers and garages with the software and equipment to create, send and track personalised customer videos.

We offer two solutions; My Sales Trust for car sales and My Service Trust for car servicing. Both use our secure online Garage Dashboard and App.

We have over 25 years experience in software, video and App solutions as well as integrated digital marketing and sales support. We have put all our knowledge and expertise into successfully helping car dealers and garages deliver innovative and enhanced customer service.

The automotive industry is going through a period of change; advances in technology, the popularity of smartphones and increased customer use of video. We saw an opportunity to create a simple solution to enable car dealers and garages to meet the expectations of today’s customer.

We make it really easy for car dealers and garages to create personalised customer videos. Our intuitive software and high quality, durable equipment allows you to build personal relationships with your customers using the latest technology to build transparency and trust.

Speed and efficiency of communication is key for today’s car owner. Our 5-step process allows sales staff and technicians to quickly create and send high quality, branded customer videos. This tried and tested customer experience is already used by over 60% of the franchised dealer network.

Personalised customer videos are the future for the automotive industry. Here are our solutions;


My Sales Trust enables you to create personalised customer videos; building better relationships to help sell more cars

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My Service Trust enables you to create personalised customer videos; establishing transparency and trust on all car services and repairs

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Here’s what customers think…

“One of the faults on the car was that the rear inner brake discs had corroded which I couldn’t see from outside the car, but the video showed me a clear detail of what had happened and what needed to be done. The video proved to me that the garage was trustworthy and had nothing to hide. I was impressed by the video and now my expectations are that whenever I go to any garage I’d like to see a video representation of the work. I’ll definitely be coming back.”

James Pearson – Customer, Robin Hood Garage

Our Values


Understanding and passion for the industry, coupled with sales and marketing experience


Desire to help create a trusted industry with customer confidence


To continue to innovate and create the best solutions for the automotive industry


To provide significant added value to the long-term success of your business in a cost efficient manner